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Academy 360 provides an inspiring ’all through’ learning experience from EYFS to KS4 driven by high and consistent expectations. High quality support and bespoke curriculum pathways ensure that all young people achieve their academic and personal best. Our young people grow as independent and resilient citizens who are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century world. We offer:

A ‘Literacy-Rich’ Curriculum ensuring all pupils, including the most vulnerable and those facing social and emotional challenges, receive consistently high quality literacy provision and develop sophisticated age-appropriate vocabulary across all year groups and curriculum areas.

An ‘Experiential’ Curriculum that embraces our Cultural Capital. We aim to provide learning experiences to promote social awareness, creativity, employability and acceptance of a diverse global community. We enhance aspirations and link learning to career choices, experiences of work, independence and personal ambition

A Curriculum underpinned by ‘Inevitable progress at Academy 360’ – ‘IP@A360’ 

  • IP@A360 long term plans ensure vital content is covered in a way which supports metacognition.
  • Medium term plans titled ‘Inevitable Progress Plans’ (IPPs) outline specific questions, skills and vocabulary to be secured at each stage. The crux of each scheme of work is clarified this way.
  • Lessons are underpinned by the three-storey intellect (Costa, 1987) sequence for students to gather, process and apply across all lessons.

The IP@A360 approach enhances teacher reflection, development and student progress, thus shifting progress from probable to inevitable. 

A ‘Broad and Balanced’ Curriculum that recognises the importance of crucial learning skills, including literacy, numeracy and ICT but embraces wider achievement that builds both resilience and confidence; the arts, sport, practical, creative and work-based learning is widely appreciated at all stages of learning.

A ‘Whole Child’ Curriculum embeds personal development and wellbeing into all aspects of learning. We ensure that pupils recognise the impact of attendance, conduct and learning behaviours on achievement. A high quality welfare support structure aims to eradicate learning barriers faced by those who experience social and emotional challenges. Our children are encouraged to recognise the impact of their choices, as we support them to seek help, challenging prejudice and raise personal awareness of their own health and wellbeing.

An ‘All Through’ Curriculum which ensures that there is a seamless transition, through each and every key stage, for all curriculum areas. Heads of subjects work closely to develop a curriculum which builds on previous knowledge and understanding to ensure stretch and challenge to all pupils regardless of ability.

Due to Covid 19 our curriculum has been reviewed for the academic year starting September 2020 focusing on vital content and skills. Amended curriculum plans can be found in the Recovery Curriculum folder here.