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Personal Development

Personal Development encourages pupils to develop personally, emotionally, socially and physically, and to lead healthy, safe and fulfilled lives.

It also encourages students to become confident, independent and responsible citizens, making informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives.

At Academy 360, we believe that academic success must be complemented by the development of a wide range of personal skills. This prepares our students for the next phase of their education and, more importantly, provides lifelong skills that support positive personal relationships and career aspirations.

We provide an ethos and curriculum which ensures these characteristics are developed, through assemblies, enrichment activities, educational and residential visits, the PSHE curriculum, and a focus on careers. Together, these prepare our pupils to be respectful, responsible and active citizens.

We also encourage children to develop their own understanding of how to set and achieve personal targets and challenges, looking particularly at aspirations and careers that the children would like to pursue.