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We believe in positive discipline and have a rewards system that encourages our students to make positive choices, and recognises their successes and achievements.

How Do Rewards Work?

Students will receive between one and four Merit Points during lessons via Class Charts. Rewards will be awarded for:

  • Contributing in lessons
  • Good progress
  • Good work
  • Being on task
  • Perseverance

For excellent work, students can be awarded a House Merit worth 20 Merits and House Hero worth 100 points.

What Can Students Purchase in the Store?

Students use their Class Charts accounts to purchase rewards throughout the year. Rewards are updated regularly, based on feedback from students. Currently, students can purchase:

  • Hot chocolate on Friday break
  • Bacon sandwich on Friday break
  • Sausage sandwich on Friday break
  • Books from the library vending machine
  • £10 Amazon voucher
  • £10 Bridges vouchers
  • £10 Greggs vouchers
  • £15 Just Eat voucher
  • Year 11 prom discount
  • Year 11 hoody discount