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Online Payments

Academy 360 uses a system called Parent Pay for all online payments, such as school lunches, educational trips, additional uniform and equipment.

To set up an Academy 360 Parent Pay account, please contact our main office on 0191 300 6506.

Biometric Cashless Catering

At Academy 360, to promote independence and to manage payments of school meals in an efficient and effective manner, we have introduced the use of biometric cashless catering.

A consent form will be provided before we set up biometrics for your child. Once consent is received, we will take a scanned image of your child's thumbprint. This is a quick process that will then allow us to link lunch payments to our Parent Pay system.

Each student has an individual account containing information linked to their fingerprint image. The data held is school-related and helps us to identify your child and link the lunch payment back to your Parent Pay account. The actual fingerprint is not stored on the system, therefore it is not possible to recreate the image for any other purpose.

The benefits of this system include:

  • smaller queuing times and more time to enjoy a healthy lunch
  • no distinction between pupils who pay and those entitled to receive Free School Meals
  • accounts can be credited in advance
  • a comprehensive reporting system is available to parents/carers so that you can get a detailed breakdown of your child’s spending
  • machines in each area of the Academy mean cash can be credited to pupils’ accounts before school, at break time, lunch time or after school
  • the option to make a credit to your son/daughter’s account by making online payments to Parent Pay.

The Academy is subject to the terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act when holding biometric information, as we are with any other information we already hold on your child.