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Forest School

Forest School offers a unique educational experience using the outdoor environment as a classroom setting. 

This can give your child the freedom to learn using all of their senses, and encourages creative and imaginative thinking. It also provides an opportunity to build important life skills such as risk management, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication.

Outdoor education provides powerful learning experiences which help children to develop a sense of place and a relationship with the environment and nature. The environment is a key tool in empowering learners and giving them responsibility. This approach to learning builds children's self-esteem and emotional intelligence through the use of the outdoor woodland environment.

Forest School allows your child to engage in a new skill or activity as they take part in a range of activities such as making campfires, den-making, craft and team games. This type of learning involves practical, hands-on experiences, and is also great fun for children and teachers!  

Levels of self-esteem are increased by careful and appropriate use of praise and recognition of success. This is possible for all children as tasks are small and achievable.