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Our Approach

Academy 360 has revised its curriculum to address the needs of all pupils whose education has been disrupted by closure due to Covid-19.  

We will continue to follow government guidance, together with that from the Department for Education, Ofqual, Ofsted and any other relevant external body which provides guidance to schools or monitors standards. 

The intent of these revised priorities is to keep children safe whilst minimising the impact of the closure, limit the disruption to learning, close attainment gaps and ensure that all young people achieve their academic potential. 

Our Intent

A curriculum that is flexible in its delivery. The future for the delivery of learning is uncertain. We acknowledge that there may be extended periods when individuals, small groups, year groups, phases or entire cohorts may not be able to access school premises due to illness, isolation, or closure.  

An effective digital strategy. In response to the pandemic, we have prepared an effective digital strategy. So far, many students have accessed our remote learning platform throughout the school closure, with some students also requiring this since the school’s re-opening. We recognise that there is no substitute for attending school. However, our approach has enabled us to minimise disruption to learning whilst reviewing our curriculum, in order to re-engage students and plan a robust recovery. 

We embrace digital technology and recognise its role in promoting good teaching and learning. We are determined to ensure that our learners make rapid progress whether on-site, at home or accessing a blended curriculum.  Our detailed contingency plans allow us to respond both confidently and efficiently to the challenges presented. 

Raising standards of literacy and communication. This remains a key priority at Academy 360, irrespective of a student’s age or additional needs.  Our rigorous catch-up strategy focuses on developing literacy and communication to enable young people to access a broad and balanced experience. 

Addressing the social and emotional needs of all pupils. Effective PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) education and welfare support are central to Academy 360’s ethos. Our school community has a range of needs, and we have a moral obligation to ensure that children are well supported. In addition, our skilled safeguarding and welfare teamwork in partnership with external organisations to ensure that young people have access to timely interventions that allow them to learn and develop well.  Our curriculum promotes independence and resilience and is highly aspirational – preparing students for the 21st-century world of work and equipping them with the necessary skills to be good citizens and make a valuable contribution to their community and beyond.  

A strong focus on high academic achievement at all key stages. Our curriculum is ambitious whilst supporting the development of basic skills. Robust assessment drives good teaching and learning, allowing young people to succeed within our all-through school. We demonstrate an unwavering commitment to ensuring our students are ready for the next learning phase at Academy 360 and beyond. Academy 360 follows national guidance for statutory assessments in Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 and Year 11 to ensure that all learners realise their potential. 

High impact intervention. This will be used to address ‘lost learning’ and support professionals to close gaps using timely assessment to inform planning. In response to the current challenge presented by the pandemic, we have extended the school day for Key Stages 2 and 4 and provided a host of targeted interventions for all key stages, both within curriculum hours and beyond. Crucially, all intervention is carefully coordinated, strategically deployed and tailored to individual needs.  We are confident that our model will deliver.

Exploring different cultures. Students at Academy 360 engage in various cultural experiences embracing different heritages, languages, customs and traditions. This enriches the curriculum and develops their understanding of the 21st-century global community.  

A broad and balanced curriculum. Our curriculum encourages all learners to develop as informed, astute, confident and responsible citizens. It enables students to develop talents and interests, research, explore opinions,  debate, consider alternative viewpoints, develop ideas and concepts, and raise their awareness of the ever-changing world in which we live.


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