Preparing for

Post 16 Studies

Welcome to the Y11 transition page. On here you will find useful information to support you in choosing the right course, applying for post 16 and Academy 360 success stories.

All young people in England must continue in education or training until 18 years of age.  Young people have the following choices at the end of year 11:

  • Full time study at a college, sixth form or training provider
  • Full time work or volunteering combined with part time education of training
  • An apprenticeship
  • A traineeship

As part of our careers programme, year 11 students are provided with a one to one guidance interview with a qualified careers advisor. Parents are welcome to attend these meetings.   Careerwave provide our careers interviews for year 11.  More information on Careerwave can be found at

Useful Links

Students and parents of students in year 7-11 can request a careers guidance interview by speaking to Miss Rachel Darling (Careers Leader) or by contacting the Career Wave Team.

Case Studies 

Take a look at the following success stories of former Academy 360 students: