The Hub


What is The Hub

Academy 360’s ‘Hub’ is a 35-place planned Additional Resource Provision (ARP) provision and meets the needs of students with moderate/severe learning disabilities and complex medical needs. The unit is organised into 3 distinct classes based upon social and academic considerations. Although the groups are fairly fluid they still follow the titles of Primary, KS3 and KS4.

The current profile/cohort of children have not only significant learning disabilities, but also often have additional needs ranging from ASD, ADHD, Downs Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy; as well as specific chromosomal disorders and life-threatening medical conditions. 

 All students have an Education Health Care Plan and are allocated a place in the unit via the local authority.

The Hub – Learning Independence

 We want all of our young people to develop the skills and knowledge to become independent lifelong learners.  Our aim is to instill in them a ‘can do’ attitude in order to maximise their ability to overcome all the challenges they will encounter in life.  We want children to view their experiences in the Academy as learning rather than work. We want them to be able to look back and say ‘I enjoyed and felt safe there and it contributed to me being able to make a positive contribution to the society I live in.’

Uniform in the Hub

All students at Academy 360 are expected to wear uniform.

Uniform information can be found here.

Teaching and Learning in The Hub



E-Safety is very important aspect of education for all parents, students and staff. Below we have listed some useful links to support understanding of e-safety issues and how to address them.

Watch out for forthcoming events regarding E-safety.

The UK Safer Internet Centre

Childnet International

CEOP’s ThinkUKnow

The Anti-Bullying Network

A guide to social networking

KS2 Internet Safety Poster

Smart ICT poster

Academy 360 acceptable primary use ICT pupil

Supporting Young People Online parent leaflet

Meet the team

Mrs Little

Unit Manager

Mr Kane

KS4 Teacher 

Miss Reed


Mrs Cummings


Miss Secret

KS3 Teacher

Miss Sutton

KS3 Teacher

Mrs Royal


Mrs Ridings

Primary Teacher

Miss Haswell

Primary TA

Mr Rogerson