Pathways Guidance

Academy 360 provides excellent opportunities and progression routes that are the envy of any secondary school. The underpinning ethos of our curriculum is student choice. At Academy 360, we embrace individual choice to help students fulfill their personal ambitions. The Key Stage Four curriculum incorporates Year 9 as this allows a deeper level of learning to take place; this is vital because it is the final stage of development before students make their choices for Post-16 education and beyond.

It is important to carefully consider options choices available and seek advice from parents, teachers and career advisors. Your choice will undoubtedly shape your future and steer your career pathway. This is the first stage of the options process; we will evaluate your progression route at the end of Year 9 and confirm your KS4 destination.

We believe that it is crucial that schools develop their curriculum making it relevant, interesting and purposeful – we are committed to delivering this! Finally, we wish our students the very best of luck as they embark on this exciting journey.

Year 9 Core Curriculum

All students will study English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science, Digital Literacy, History and Geography throughout Year 9. At the start of the summer term students will make their final choice on History or Geography to study in Key Stage 4 as they go into Year 10.

Year 9 Pathways Curriculum Offer