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At Academy 360 we aim to produce inquisitive and thoughtful learners and we know that this journey begins in the home. Our home learning is intended to develop our pupils’ excitement and passion for their learning and to help parents support their children at home. Research tells us that learning and understanding are deepened through repetition and practice. Key skills such as learning times tables for maths and practice of spelling patterns can be practised at home.  We believe that reading should be part of a child’s daily routine. Home learning, with or without the support of parents, enables pupils to enjoy spending time on an extended task and lets them develop their creativity and resilience.

Learning Hub Contacts

First Name Surname Email
Andrew Sherry
Primary Welfare
Ruth Steckles
Primary Welfare
Alan Bowden
Secondary Welfare
Dawn Leigh
Secondary Welfare
Lauren Doyle
Secondary Welfare
Rachel Darling
Secondary Welfare
Melissa Cartledge
Emma Welsh
Safeguarding Lead
Clare Little Hub
Ellie Haswell Hub
Louise Ridings Hub
Nick Kane Hub
Jordan Wilson EYFS
Laura Rackstraw EYFS
Jannah Davies Year 1
Lynn Haggerton Year 1
Joanne Harrison Year 2
Sarah Bolton Year 2
Susan Dimmock Year 2
Jacqueline Lacy Year 3
Katey Younger Year 3
Sophie Fowdy Year 3
Isobel Kitchman Year 4
Ruth Anderson Year 4
James Brady Year 5
Lisa Irvin-Kaye Year 5
Molly Secret Year 5
Christopher Mitchinson Year 6
Hannah Bell Year 6
Julia Garrigan Year 6
Leanne Petch Year 6
Helena West Primary
Janet Sutton Primary
Jessica Hindson Primary
Alison McIvor-Cross Art
David Holmes Art
Elizabeth Stevenson Art
Katie Punton Art
Matthew Turnbull
Drama / Music
Jo Tissington DT
Claire Usher English
Clare Middleton English
Jorja Burrows English
Laura Smith English
Laura Fowler English
Maria Agnew English
Colin Kinvig
Michael Urwin
Chris Kerswell ICT
Nichola Webber ICT
Alan Wheatley Maths
Andrew Graham Maths
Duncan Fenn Maths
Joseph Fox Maths
Peter Seed Maths
Ruth Davies Maths
Sam Gjorven Maths
Ana Herreros Spanish
Sam Hunter Spanish
Alyn Shaw PE
Lisa Richardson
PE / Child Development
Alex Barker Science
Ann Guthrie Science
Claire Neary Science
Faye Westwood Science
Grace Jane Science
Melissa Graham Science
Rachel Gibson Science – For any issues logging on and accessing websites – For any general teaching queries.

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