Breakfast Club

We welcome our students at 8am with several choices of hot and cold breakfast which include items such as toast, bagels, cereals, porridge, overnight oats, fresh fruit, and yogurts.
At Academy 360 we understand the importance of a healthy breakfast for children.

We recently conducted a survey for pupils and teachers which resulted in some fantastic comments.

Pupils voice:

1. Favourite food Bagels/toast “It gives me energy to help me through the school day”
2. Favourite food Bagels “Good because I can talk to my friends at the same time”.
3. Favourite food Toast/Porridge ” Happy because you get free breakfast”

Teacher Comments :

Welfare Lead
Children with social issues, who attend every morning are showing Improvements in friendship issues and social behaviour. Improvements in punctuality when students have been encouraged to attend the club. Older students using provision at the begining of the day appear happy and in a good train of mind to start day.

Some of our students do not have breakfast at home therefore breakfast at school is essential. The food supplied is great quality and the students love it.

All teacher surveys strongly agree that a breakfast provision show an improvement on punctuality, concentration, readiness to learn, attendance, fewer disruptions and morning energy levels.